i do most of my drawing during mental health crises lol. warning for like.. gore & creepy stuff

i drew this 1 when my head was hurting a lot bc i hit it rlly hard. the face is meant 2 look like an animegao kigurumi mask. ive been drawing them a lot lately. im proud of how the tongue turned out... though i feel like it looks lewd somehow? this was unintentional lolz
my shoulder kept popping out of place and i was mad at my body. i wanted 2 just cut off my skin and step out of it, so i drew that kind of. sometimes i love this piece, but sometimes i hate it. rn i kinda hate it. the hand looks funny and i dont like the eyes. oh well, it was mostly jst a vent piece anywayyy
theres that animegao mask again. they always look kinda walleyed and uncanny so i like trying to draw them. it represents how i feel about myself a lot (trying to put on a put together appearance, but just coming off as weird). anyway this was kind of meant to be a murderer who wore one of these masks while killing someone. ive been on and off playing with a follow up piece of this person killing someone, i think the contrast between the blank smiling anime face and a realistic human fighting for their life would look interesting. who knows.